Pass Important GMP, ISO and Other Critical Audits

Going around in circles by continually replacing and repairing Epoxy floors? It’s no secret that passing critical audits is paramount to a company’s reputation and success. If your maintenance team finds that it needs to “quick fix” or try to hide your company’s failing floors just days before a major audit, then perhaps it’s time to consider a permanent flooring solution. AcryliCon’s 10-Year to Lifetime Warranty reassures its customers that they will pass critical GMP, ISO and other audits with complete ease and peace of mind. 


AcryliCon's 10-Year to Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturers show their confidence of product in their product warranty. Warranty limitations and exclusions indicate high probability that the exclusions are most likely to soonest occur. If a flooring product makes claims to last more than a few years, ask to see one. 

AcryliCon offers a full 10-Year Performance Warranty and a Life-Time Guarantee that it will never de-bond from concrete.

Our Certifications

AcryliCon is approved across a wide array of safety, quality and non-toxic platforms by the some of the world's most renowned certifying agencies including RIBA which designates AcryliCon as the world's only brand name product given a resin classification of its own.

RIBA Approved Seminar
Indoor Air Quality
Food Contact Material
Fire Safety Certified
Environmental Product
CE Marking
Fire Safety Certified
Quality & Safety Certified
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