Reliable independent organizations verify that AcryliCon is so uniquely different from Epoxy and other resin products that AcryliCon has been given a resin class category of its own. Backed by a 10-Year to Lifetime Warranty, AcryliCon proves to be the strongest, longest-lasting and most cleanable resin flooring product in the world. 


How AcryliCon Saves Money

Lasts Longer

AcryliCon's installations from the 1970's are still looking great today. We offer a 10 Year Performance Warranty as well as Lifetime Product Warranty. Proven real world life-expectancy is well over 20 years.


Permanent Bond

With each layer of the system chemically fusing together and our primer penetrating deep into the substrate, there is no risk of delamination - Other products only mechanically bond. Guaranteed.


Quick and Easy to Install

Unlike other resin floors, which can take days or weeks to cure and become chemically resistance, AcryliCon take under 2 hours - so you can get back to work on an AcryliCon floor almost immediately after installation.


HSE Approve Slip-Resistance

Keeping your staff safe and your company legal, AcryliCon keeps workplace safety a key priority.


High Compressive Strength

AcryliCon has outstanding durability and cleanability - similar to stainless steel - which makes the floor easy to keep clean and less likely to mark or wear. Repairs and costly maintenance become a non-issue when using AcryliCon.



Food factories, dairies, pharmacies, kitchens and retail shops know how important it is to keep floors clean and avoid bad smells caused by bacteria. AcryliCon's unique ability to chemically bond and its non-porous nature saves time and money while helping our customers pass those critical audits.



AcryliCon resin chemically bonds with its own layers and into the concreate substrate. Other resin flooring products mechanically bond, which leads to delamination and significant maintenance repercussions.



AcryliCon is certified by the many of the world’s most renowned independent agencies including quality control, emission control, indoor air quality, food contact material, fire safety and many others.



Yes, it does. In addition to the multiple areas of cost benefits, AcryliCon customers save a tremendous amount of money on flooring repairs because they simply last longer. Below is an independent 10-year study showing how AcryliCon saves real money on repairs.

Year AcryliCon Epoxy PU MMA
1 150,000 75,000  120,000 100,000 
2 0 0  0  0
3 0 8,000  4,000  2,000
4 0 10,000  6,000  0
5 5,000 15,000  8,000  100,000
6 0 20,000  8,000  0
7 0 20,000  10,000  2,000
8 0 75,000 120,000   0
9 10,000 0  0
10 0 5,000  2,000  100,000
Total 165,000 228,000  278,000 304,000

Note: AcryliCon’s 5th and 9th year repairs due to negligent operational incidents, not product failure


  AcryliCon Epoxy/PU  Concrete
Cleanable Compares to Stainless Steel Becomes Difficult to Clean Difficult to Clean
  a) Non-Porous Non-Porous Becomes Porous Over Time Highly Porous
  b) Hygienic Yes Hygienic Until Porous/Crack  No
  c) Plasticizer Loss No Yes  N/A
Strength (Newtons/mm2) 84-104 N/mm2 50-70 N/mm2 30-40 N/mm2
  a) Waterproof High High Until Porous/Crack Low
  b) Chemical Resistance High High Until Porous/Crack None
Cure Time (Full Cure) Less than 2 Hours 7-12 Days 28 Days
Non-Toxic vs Toxic Non-Toxic and Low VOC Toxic When Uncured, Toxic Dust Can Occur After Curing Non-Toxic
Bondable & Repairable Chemical Bond Layers fuse together chemically and cannot delaminate. Easy to repair and seamless. Mechanical Bond Layers only stick together, prone to delamination. Impossible to make joint free repairs. Mechanical Bond Layers only stick together prone to delamination. Impossible to make joint free repairs.
Looks Good/Aesthetic No Plasticizer Loss Floors won’t become brittle or lose color Plasticizer Loss Floors become brittle and lose color and possibly crack Plasticizer Loss Floors become brittle and lose color and possibly crack
Warranty Coverage 10 Years to Lifetime 1-2 Years with exclusions None
Cost Per Year (for 10 Years) Cost Savings Most Expensive Over Time N/A


Over time, Epoxy and PU (Thermo-Set resin) become porous, brittle and start to crack. Eventually it delaminates from the flooring substrate. This results in floors which are difficult to clean and intensified, costly maintenance.

It has been found, however, that maintenance only makes Epoxy and PU worse. Thermo-Set resins cannot chemically bond which means there is no way for the new, repaired Epoxy to bond with the old, existing Epoxy. Problems become intensified with maintenance because additional joint lines are continually added into a supposed-to-be jointless floor.

AcryliCon (Thermo-Plastic resin) is a chemically bonding resin, making it repairable at any time in the future without adding needless joint-lines into a flooring system. This is just one of the many reasons why AcryliCon stands behind its product with a 10-Year to Lifetime Warranty.

Our Competitors

Thermo-Set resins such as Epoxy and PU are of the cheapest resins to produce which tends to attract businesses looking to cut costs. However, they quickly become porous and brittle causing them to crack and delaminate which leads to costly, intensive maintenance making it difficult to achieve operational objectives and to pass GMP, ISO and other important audits. The “cheapest” floors then become the “most expensive”.
This Thermo-Set resin (Epoxy/PU) is cracked, scratched and delaminated after failing multiple repair efforts
This Thermo-Set resin (Epoxy/PU) is quickly peeling off from the substrate which is likely to be red-flagged by a GMP auditor
This Thermo-Set resin (Epoxy/PU) has lead to a large hole which makes it difficult to clean or pass GMP and customer audits
This Thermo-Set resin (Epoxy/PU) does not have the strength to withstand heavy foot traffic in critical operational areas
This Thermo-Set resin (Epoxy/PU) has thousands of pin-holes throughout the flooring system in less than 36 months
This Thermo-Set resin (Epoxy/PU) is less than 24 months old and is full of unwanted jointlines caused by multiple, failed repair efforts